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BALTSHA was founded as a startup to facilitate businesses between the East and the West, through product sourcing, purchasing, marketing research, and trade consultancy. Today we offer a broad range of quality products at a fair market price and we go out of our way to give our clients the best business services possible to meet their needs since 2011. We have tied up with reliable suppliers not only in the EU but other regions, to maintain our exceptionally high quality and fair price, and bring in what is missing in the entire Baltic region, offering what the Baltics could offer to the rest of the world.

With our supply, we make sure that they are sourced from places where the local communities have benefited the most, and that the goods are moved with the most sustainable logistics modes. Whether you’re an individual looking to buy particular products or services or a company interested in a much bigger order, we’re ready to help you out. Check out our variety of products and services contact us to learn more.

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